BIG is a technology/design studio. We build beautiful software products and services for companies large and small.

Our Services

Software development and consulting for start-ups

We specialize in bringing new ideas to life. Work with us to take your business concept and turn it into a living, breathing software product or service. We know intimately how to deliver quality software quickly and on budget.

Our team will work with you every step of the way, helping you make the best possible technical decisions for your business. We understand the shifting nature of business and thus do everything to make the software we write flexible and adapted for change and evolution. We won't need a full re-write every time your business needs to pivot.

Project rescue

Are you unhappy with your software?

We've worked on countless projects where past developers have left our customers underwhelmed. Whether they're slow, difficult to communicate with or deliver poor quality software, we've seen it all and we're here to help.

Work with a California based team committed to working closely with you to build the software your business needs, and nothing you don't.

Expanding your team

Are you overwhelmed with your business's success and your team can't catch up?

At BIG, we often work with clients who become crippled by their own success. If your team is struggling to catch up to customer demands, let us work directly with them to expand your capacity and hit deadlines.

We are familiar with most software stacks with an emphasis on JavaScript projects (Node and React in particular) and we can get up to speed and delivering software quickly and painlessly.

We can also document the onboarding process so future employees or contractors can get onboarded even faster.

Our Ethos

Software built with love

We believe quality software stands the test of time. We care about the work we do and take pride in building software that is well made, resilient, maintainable and tested. We think about all the little details and make sure all the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s are crossed. If you care about building a business that lasts, the details matter a whole lot.

Clear, consistent communication

Without great communication, you can’t build great software. That is why communication is at the core of what we do here. From our weekly meetings to our regular stand ups to our collaborative code review, we focus on making sure all those involved in a project have a full understanding of their role, what’s expected of them and when things are to be done.

We accomplish this with various tools and techniques that you will become familiar with when working with us. As a client of ours, you’ll never be left high and dry with a developer that just drops off the face of the earth.

Software you can depend on

You should have confidence in your software. We take reliability and stability seriously because no business should be relying on untested, unreliable and poorly crafted software. Our approach involves insuring there are checks and balances in place to only produce the best software.

Our Process

Agile development process

At BIG, we believe process builds great software which is why we continually strive to refine our development process to make exceptional software. We follow a simple and pragmatic "Agile"-style development process that we find contributes to such software.

Decide a certain feature is no longer needed? Want to add something? Want to dedicate more/less resources to the project? No problem, we will just make adjustments for the next sprint.

Test driven software design

Quality software is tested and verified. You can never truly have confidence (and thus a good nights sleep) if you can’t verify that the software you have is tested and that the most recent changes you’ve made didn’t break anything.

Using Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment we create a system that ensures we launch high-quality, well tested code quickly so you can sleep well knowing your software just works.

Collaborative peer review

We believe two heads are better than one. All changes that are made to your project will be peer reviewed by a senior developer to ensure that the changes made are done in the best possible way. Research has continually shown that code review is one of the most important factors in creating (near) bug-free software.

Every agile sprint ends with one or more “Pull Requests” (basically an isolated change to the software) that will be reviewed by another developer to give feedback on the particular solution and possible alternative approaches, ensuring testing and documentation were updated and that the code follows the style guidelines for the project. This process ensures every change is as well thought out as possible, thus making quality software.

Quality by design

We strive for software that is designed to last a lifetime. We take pride in our work and you will see that in the software we produce. A lot of time and energy has been spent deciding on the tools and processes we employ and we are continually refining as the technological landscape changes.

Software projects are complex and the people working on them change over time. To ensure this predictable change is as painless as possible, we document our projects so the onboarding of new developers (or if you so choose, moving to another company) will go as smoothly as possible. We do this because we care about the success of your business even after we are done working on it.

Our Past Work


Bonafide: Product Redesign

Bonafide brought in BIG to modernize their application frontend. They are one of the biggest and most established players in their industry and have been around for over a decade, so they developed a lot of technical debt in their software, including many different interface versions throughout the application.

BIG worked with their team to design and implement a new and improved UX (User Experience) focused on reducing the time and energy needed for users to find the information important to them. Our team created a new UI (User Interface) aesthetic and developed frontend components using React to incrementally improve their product.

Services: Frontend Development, UI/UX design

Technologies: JavaScript (React), CSS, Java JSP

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Harvester: Job Master

Developed a system to manage the internal production process of Harvester, a local t-shirt print shop. The application allows designers to review and approve production runs of print jobs and production staff a reference and workflow to ensuring accurate and consistent printing.

Services: Startup Consulting, Frontend and Backend Development, UI/UX Design, Business Process Consulting

Technologies: JavaScript (Node, React), CSS (Bootstrap)

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Swinerton Builders: Sunscreen

Swinerton Builders is one of the largest solar power plant contractors in the United States. Sunscreen is a tablet application that completely removed the need for Swinerton's team on contractors to use huge stacks of paper blueprints on the job site and made managing, tracking, and reporting drastically easier for their team.

BIG was hired to assist in developing the web interface for their new site management platform. The existing version of the interface wasn't ready to support the real-time nature of the information flowing through the system, so we developed a framework of UI components using React and Redux.

Services: Frontend Development

Technologies: JavaScript (React), CSS (Bootstrap)

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Sisyphus: The Kinetic Art Table

Developed a React Native mobile application and oversaw software project management for a successful crowd-funded kinetic art piece. The project raised $1.9mm+ on KickStarter.

BIG developed a React Native mobile application and an embedded API server. We worked with the Sisyphus team to develop the project from idea all the way to its successful funding on Kickstarter including initial brainstorming, iterative MVP creation and marketing.

The mobile application allows an owner of a Sisyphus table to control speed and brightness, change pattern playlists and pause/resume movement; similar to a music player in functionality.

Services: Startup Consulting, Mobile Development, Software Architecture Consulting, UI/UX Design, Business Process Consulting

Technologies: JavaScript (Node, React Native)

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Hydroponic Research

Hydroponic Research: Nutrient Calculator

We worked closely with a local agency, ZDCA, to develop a nutrient calculator widget for VEG+BLOOM's new Shopify website. We leveraged React to create a performant, reliable and beautiful calculator that determines the proper product amounts and recommended product types based on a variety of criteria.

Services: Frontend Development

Technologies: JavaScript (React), Shopify

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Zovida: Learning Management System

Zovida is a modern twist on traditional Learning Management Systems (LRS). We worked directly with the business founder from the original ideation phase into it being sold to its first customers. BIG oversaw creating an MVP of a standard LRS review/quiz/survey flow. We managed to keep the initial project simple and were able to deliver the initial concept to a customer with over 1700 employees, who was onboarded seamlessly. We built just enough functionality to enable our client to save on costs while still attracting clients and being flexible for the future.

Working closely with founder Parker, we built a fully tested application, delivered in less than 6 weeks, on budget and on time which was immediately able to onboard new customers.

We have continually worked with Zovida to evolve their business including ongoing consulting and software development.

Services: Startup Consulting, Frontend and Backend Development

Technologies: JavaScript (Node, React), Neo4j

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Cyan: Bandwidth-on-Deman

Built a bandwidth management interface to allow customers of Cyan (AT&T, Verizon, etc) to be able to offer their clients the ability to manage and control their bandwidth usage and services, on-demand. Integrated with Cyan’s JSON API and their existing tooling and development processes.

Services: Frontend Development

Technologies: JavaScript (React), API Integration

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Vendini: Event Manager

Augmented a three person team developing Vendini's live event management system. The system managed zone and time based access control using RFID wristbands, real-time dashboards for access monitoring and management and order search tools. Built a web-based order printing system that handled printing labels and updating orders of 20,000 tickets direct to a label printing machine. The system communicated directly with the Vendini API with bi-directional syncing and communication of event/ticketing data.

Services: Frontend and Backend Development

Technologies: JavaScript (Node, React), WebSockets, Third-Party API Integration

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Google: Think with Google

UX design of mobile application for event discovery including conference schedule, in-app messaging and a popular “Meet Someone” feature. Developed Ruby on Rails backend API that the Android and iOS applications communicated with including managing event schedule, monitoring usage and access control. Took from concept to product in two weeks.

Services: Backend Development, UI/UX Design

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

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Comcast: Send-to-TV

Worked closely with Comcast Labs team to create a portal site for their new X1-enabled televisions “Send to TV” feature. Took design comps and created responsive, multi-device pages integrated into a Node.js backend with heavily customized behavior depending on device type.

Services: Frontend Development

Technologies: JavaScript

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Personalization Pop

PersonalizationPop: Shopify Addon Product

PersonalizationPop offers a one of a kind fully automated way to add, sell and fulfill personalized products for your Shopify store. With a click of a button you can add from one to 10,000 products in hundreds of categories to your online store, instantly!

Working with founder Ramin, BIG built a Shopify application in under 6 weeks from idea to first paying customers. We worked directly with Ramin to develop an MVP based on real customer needs, not perceived ones. Developed in an agile, iterative fashion to keep costs low and the product focused.

Services: Startup Consulting, Frontend and Backend Development

Technologies: JavaScript (Node, React), Shopify API integration, Stripe

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Our Team

Dana Woodman

BIG is lead by Dana Woodman, a veteran software developer, speaker and entrepreneur.

Dana has been an artist and software developer since childhood. He combines an eye for design, an obsession with quality and a knack for business together to solve problems in a pragmatic yet thoughtful manner.

He is actively involved in the software, startup and maker communities in Sonoma County, including:

He has given talks on software on topics including:

Dana grew up in a creative family; his mother is a professional jeweler and YouTube educator and his father is a professional woodworker.

His experience gives him a well rounded perspective on starting and running software businesses like yours.

A network of talent

At BIG, we have a broad network of creative professionals including web and mobile developers, UI/UX designers, copywriters, and marketing/sales experts. Chances are, if your business needs help in a particular area, we can help assemble and manage the perfect creative team.

Get in touch

Send us a message and we can further discuss how BIG can help you achieve your goals.

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